Current Projects & Research

Project SOAR

NEW Audubon serves as the fiscal manager for Project SOAR (Snowy Owl Airport Rescue).  The mission of Project SOAR is to rescue and relocate overwintering Snowy Owls and other raptors from airports where they pose as hazards.  The project began in 2017 in response to a local news report on the legal shooting of a snowy owl at a Wisconsin airport.  Project partners include the Northeastern Wisconsin Audubon Society, Winnebago Audubon Society, Wisconsin Falconers Association, Austin Straubel International Airport, Wittman Regional Airport, Project SNOWstorm, Givens Farm, and Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary, among others.  Please note that special permits and permissions are required to work with these birds and to gain access behind secured and restricted airport areas.  For more information on Project SOAR, visit their facebook page at


The Wisconsin Red-shouldered Hawk Telemetry Project: Tracking the Phantoms

NEW Audubon Society is the sponsoring agency for this three-year (2018-2020), original research project that utilizes innovative technology to learn more about the state threatened Red-shouldered Hawk (Buteo lineatus) in Wisconsin. Research on the basic biology of this species is greatly needed. In order to better understand the intimate aspects of the lives of local Red-shouldered Hawks, John and Eugene Jacobs are outfitting individual hawks with small logger transmitters to determine the breeding range, nest site fidelity, breeding habitat use, migration timing and routes, and wintering habitat use of Red-shouldered Hawks that breed in Wisconsin. Information about this state threatened species is needed so that managers, bird biologists and conservationist can better plan, manage, protect and conserve habitat for its survival. Plants and animals that use this species’ habitat, particularly northern mesic forest, will also benefit.  As sponsoring agency, NEW Audubon has committed funding and resources to this project including fiscal management and administration. Other research partners include the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources-Bureau of Endangered Resources and Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, Natural Heritage Conservation.  For more information on this project, or to pledge your support, please contact John Jacobs at

Winter 2018-2019 migratory route of Red-shouldered Hawk tracked by the Phantoms project.

Winter 2018-2019 migratory route of Red-shouldered Hawk tracked by the Phantoms project.