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New Swift Tower in Green Bay

swift tower

One focus of the Green Bay Bird City Coalition, of which NE WI Audubon is a member, is Chimney Swifts. After 2 years of Swift Counts, we realized that education is needed about their habitats, to encourage homeowners and businesses to manage their chimneys in a way that will allow swifts to use them. Each tower can only house a single Chimney Swift nesting pair, though flocks may use a tower for congregating.

With grants from WPS, Brown County Conservation Alliance, National Audubon's Collaborative Grants, and anonymouse donations, we funded a demonstration Swift Tower, located at Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary, which will eventually include a webcam and educational signs. The tower, built of native limestone, is ready for the return of the Chimney Swifts. We'll post a notice when the webcam has something to show!

Results from the 2011 Swift Count are available online.

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