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Christmas Bird Count

Results (below)

The Christmas Bird Count (CBC) is a long-standing program of the National Audubon Society, with over 100 years of citizen science involvement. It is an early-winter bird census, where thousands of volunteers across the US, Canada and 19 countries in the Western Hemisphere, go out over a 24 hour period to count birds. Current information can be found here

Based on 40 years of observations of 305 species, the winter distribution of 177 of these species has shifted north. Audubon has published their analysis of this in Birds and Climate Change in 2009, followed by The Climate Report in 2014.

NEW Audubon members have participated for years, in groups organized by a local coordinator. We have summary reports from some recent surveys. If your group isn't listed, let us know how your count went this year. If you want to participate in the Christmas Bird Count, contact the coordinator for your area by the beginning of December.

Brussels 2015 by Wendy Lukes

Ephraim 2015 by Brian Forest at Ridges

Green Bay 2015 by John Jacobs who says the next count will be Dec 17, 2016.

Sturgeon Bay 2015 by Wendy Lukes

Green Bay 2014 by John Jacobs

Green Bay 2013 by John Jacobs

Dyckesville 2013 by Ed Houston

Sturgeon Bay 2010-2013 and Brussels 2006-2013 summary by Charlotte & Wendy Lukes, who note The following are the record breakers for 2013:

For the Sturgeon Bay count the new high counts are: Wild Turkey 533, Red-bellied Woodpecker 47, Red-breasted Nuthatch 55, Dark-eyed Junco 685, American Goldfinch 729

For the Brussels count the new high records are: Pileated woodpecker 6, Horned Lark 80, Dark-eyed Junco 300, Lapland Longspur 110 (first year on this count), American Goldfinch 441

Jan. 2012: Roy Lukes wrote this enjoyable account in the Door County Pulse of his 54 years participating in the CBC.

Dyckesville 2012 by Ed Houston

Green Bay 2012 by John Jacobs

Brussels 2011 by Charlotte Lukes

Dyckesville 2011 by Ed Houston

Ephraim 2011 by Karen Newbern

Green Bay 2011 by John Jacobs

Sturgeon Bay 2011 by Charlotte Lukes

Sturgeon Bay 2000-2009 summary by Charlotte Lukes

Russ photographed an unexpected visitor December 2010 during his CBC survey--an Eastern Meadowlark. We hope more people will send us photos for sharing online.

meadowlark in December

.Dyckesville 2010 *Dyckesville results now available on our website by Ed Houston

Green Bay 2010 by John Jacobs

Sturgeon Bay 2009 by Charlotte Lukes

Green Bay 2009 by John Jacobs

Sturgeon Bay 2008 by Charlotte Lukes

Green Bay 2008 by John Jacobs

Green Bay 2007 by John Jacobs

Brussels-summary 1996-2005 by Charlotte Lukes

Green Bay 2001 by John Jacobs

Green Bay 2000 by John Jacobs

Sturgeon Bay 1996-1999 by Charlotte Lukes

Green Bay 1996 by John Jacobs

Green Bay 1992 by John Jacobs










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