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2013 results

2014 Big Bay Birdathon Results

                On May 3-10, Bird City Green Bay held its 3rd annual Big Bay Birdathon and Photography Contest.  The Birdathon ran from 4pm Friday May 9 and concluded Saturday May 10 at 4pm.  The Photo Contest ran for a week from May 3 until May 10.
                With a storm front rolling through the area on May 7-8 followed by beautiful weather and west/southwest winds, hopes were high for big counts that did not disappoint.  We had 6 teams entered and every team at least reached the century mark of 100 species.  The top three teams all had totals that tied or broke the all-time high count for the event.
                The team of Brian Pierce, Adam Sinkula, and Art Sonneland won the birdathon with a total of 139 birds, the new record.  Second place went to Jim Johnson and Mike Gottfredsen with 127, which is amazing considering they led all the bird walks for the Springs Wings event on Saturday.  Third place went to the team of Nick and Jenna Walton with 126, which tied the old record.  All competitors together found 167 species, which isn’t a record, but all teams stayed local this year.  Fourteen species were found for the first time on the birdathon including an Eared Grebe, Black-bellied Plover, and Common Nighthawk.  Twenty-four species of warblers were found including a Connecticut Warbler.
                A special thank you goes to Mike Reed and his family for hosting the teams at his cabin for food and refreshments!  While sharing stories and memories, Jim Johnson took out his Bay Beach list and asked everyone else to fill in their finds for the Sanctuary.  When we added them up, we ended up with 115 species just for Bay Beach which beat their one-day record of 107.  It just shows what happens when good weather at the right time can do.  Definitely a day none of us will forget soon!

       2014 Winning team: Art Sonneland, Adam Sinkula, and Brian Pierce

                The good weather also brought out a record number of entrants for the Photo Contest. Many great photos were submitted and our judges had a tough time sorting out their bests. Twelve photos received votes, indicating the high quality of photos entered. Brandon Seidl finished in first with his photo of a calling Red-winged Blackbird. Tom Janikowski took second with his stunning male Baltimore Oriole. Scott Denny received third with his Horned Grebe entitled “Windy May Afternoon”.
                We will be printing the winners’ pictures out and displaying them in the Bay Beach Nature Center. Stop by to view them.  A special thanks to all the photographers who do a fabulous job capturing nature’s beauty.
                As sunset closed on the best Birdathon/Photo Contest to date, thoughts already are looking forward to next year and what new verses Mother Nature will add to her poem.  Come share it with us, and consider participating in next year event!

Sponsored by: Bird City Green Bay & NE WI Audubon

2013 Results:

      The Birdthon competition ran from 4pm Friday May 10 to 4pm Saturday May 11 with totals tallied, prizes awarded and food and refreshment doled out afterwards.  This year we had seven teams participating, tallying 145 species (down from 157 in 2012) despite the unseasonably cool, rainy weather and late spring.  There were 17 species that were birdathon firsts, including locally rare accounts of Carolina Wren, Red-necked Grebe, and White-faced Ibis. 
       First place was tied between the “Angry Birders” team of Joan Berkopec and Ron Eichhorn and “Going for a Re-Peent” team of Brian Pierce and Adam Sinkula with each team tallying 117 species.  Third place went to “Big Bird” team of Mike Gottfredsen and Jim Johnson with 112 species.  Close behind them was “Vireo 2” team of Bob and Carol Mead with 109.

This year's event was sponsored by NE WI Audubon, Bird City Green Bay, and Northeast Wisconsin Technical College.   Thank you to our participants who raised more than $700 in pledges to go along with donations from local businesses and organizations in Northeast Wisconsin.  A special thank you goes to Mike Reed and his family for hosting the “after party” at his residence following the competition. 

The Photo contest ran for eight days this year (May 4-11) and had 16 photographers submitting 27 outstanding photos.  The most photographed species this year was the Sandhill Crane. Here are the winning photos and teams.

Superman by Scott Denny

1st place: "Superman" by Scott Denny

2nd place: Leucistic Red-winged Blackbird by Nancy Nabak


3rd place: Yellow Warbler by Darci Kasal


and the winning teams: Going For a Re-Peent (Brian Pierce and Adam Sinkula) and
Joan Berkopec & Ron Eichhorn

2012 Results:

   Bird City-Green Bay and NE WI Audubon Society held their first annual Big Bay Bird-a-Thon and Photography Contest May 11-12, 2012, with all proceeds going to the construction of a chimney swift tower and planting of a native butterfly garden. Despite a date conflict with the WSO convention, this first annual Big Bay Birdathon created a lot of enthusiasm and raised a total of $654!

   The winners of the 2012 bird-a-thon were the Green Bay Godwillets (Brian Pierce and Adam Sinkula) who viewed 136 species of birds. Second place was awarded to the Angry Birders team of Ron Eichhorn and Joan Berkopec with 123 species. The winning team had the opportunity to see a few rare species including tundra and trumpeter swans, gray-cheeked thrush, and a late Bonaparte’s and great black-backed gulls. All teams combined saw 168 species total even with a low number of shorebirds and some misses of expected birds like great horned owl, eastern wood-pewee, and Wilson’s phalarope (seen about every day two weeks prior to competition).

The photography portion had six photographers submitting 11 photos.

Nancy Nabak of Green Bay won the photo contest with her breathtaking photo of a black-crowned night heron.
blackcrowned night heron

Second place was "Dinner time- European Starling" by John Bryson


Nicole Patton received 3rd place with her American white pelicanWhite pelican

   After the bird-a-thon, participants gathered at the Wildlife Sanctuary to share stories, enjoy refreshments, and receive prizes. Everyone who participated in the event had a great time. Lots of laughs and memories were had by all. 










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