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Berry Lake EWM Report and Plan

Berry Lake Map of EWM Locations

Berry Lake Lake Studies

Spring 2007 Field Trip

UW – GB Cofrin Center for Biodiversity Participates in Berry Lake Studies

The health of a lake is related to the health of the lake’s watershed. Lakes which get their water from groundwater and runoff (“seepage lakes”) are especially vulnerable to the forces that impact their watersheds. Berry Lake is a 201 acre seepage lake with a small watershed of approximately 2 square miles. The grants sponsored by the NEW Audubon and the Town of Underhill feature an approach to determining the health Berry Lake’s watershed that is unique and could be applied to the watersheds of many of Wisconsin’s 15,000 lakes as well as to other Wisconsin ecosystems.

As part of the Berry Lake project, UWGB Botanist Gary Fewless and graduate student Kathryn Corio (shown kneeling at the lake edge) led a field trip to and undeveloped lake near Berry Lake. Participants include local resident Mike Elco, and Berry Lake land owners Mary Jane and Ken Grissman (standing left to right)

Dr. Robert Howe, director of the UW Green Bay Cofrin Center for Biodiversity (shown right with UWGB undergraduates Hannah Aplin and Matt Rup), is participating in the Berry Lake studies with an eye to developing affordable ways to inventory the biodiversity of locations throughout the region. Dr. Howe's innovative approach relies on colleagues, graduate students, experienced volunteers and seeks local participation.










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