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Berry Lake Map of EWM Locations

Berry Lake Prepares to Fight--Update October 24, 2007

Berry Lake EWM Report and Plan August 31, 2007

Berry Lake Lake Studies

Berry Lake
Eurasian water-milfoil
Treatment Information

Treatment Proposed for Thursday, October 25 or Shortly Thereafter 

Weather and another obligation has caused the applicator to set the date for Berry Lake's spot treatments of Eurasian water-milfoil for Thursday, October 25.  The day is expected to be fairly warm (highs of 57 degrees) and very sunny (15% cloud cover) with moderate winds (2- 6 mph SE winds).

Even if the weather is as favorable as predicted, the applicator has another obligation that may require treatment on the next good weather day.  If the weather is bad next week, we will still have many opportunities over the next month to administer the treatments. Looking for eurasian water milfoil at Berry Lake

Bruce and Sue Weyenberg of Appleton and their children combine  a late afternoon pontoon boat ride with the search for EWM on Berry Lake

The Procedure

Treatment costs can be reduced significantly if volunteers help locate and mark EWM with floating plastic jugs attached to half brick “anchors.” The chemical applicator will charge $130 per hour to do this so anything we do will not only save money but our volunteer labor and donated boats will earn in-kind matching funds from the State grant.  By helping to locate EWM, the weekend prior to the treatment, we will also ensure a more complete kill.  We need as many eyes as possible looking for EWM.  Pontoon boats are the best vantage point but any boat will help and will earn us matching funds. Please see "Berry Lake Community Prepares to Fight..."

You Can Help

1)  Plastic Jugs.  Save 1 or ½ gallon plastic jugs (milk, juice etc.).  Detergent bottles are best because they are made of heavy plastic.  Tide’s orange jugs are said to be the best of all because they are highly visible.

2) Donate old bricks.   Bricks with holes that we can break in half or half bricks with a hole can be used with an “anchor” chord to anchor our plastic jug floats.

3) Keep your boat in the water or put it back in.  You can keep help us keep costs down and earn in-kind matching money for expensive chemical treatments by joining us the weekend prior to treatment to help locate and mark EWM.  Pontoon boats allow the best view but any boat is better than nothing.

4) Join us treatment day to locate and mark EWM.  You can help us keep costs down and earn in-kind matching funds.  You can help us save the $130 per hour we would have to pay the applicator to locate and mark EWM on the treatment day.  With your help, we can complete the job faster and find more EWM.

To Contribute Materials:  Please leave clean jugs and bricks in the barrels
at the entrance to the Krueger Campground.

To Volunteer Help:  Please just arrive or contact B, Ewart.

The Northeastern Wisconsin Audubon Society
The Berry Lake Community

Siegel and Krueger families

For providing the collection barrels and location
to receive donated plastic jugs and brick “anchors”

“Berry Lake Fund” Contributors



For volunteering your valuable time
to help locate and mark EWM

plastic jug tied to brick to mark milfoil location

Volunteers will have opportunities to locate and mark EWM with plastic jugs










P.O. Box 1, Green Bay, WI 54305