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Climate Change Research Underway
 At Berry Lake

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The frontiers of climate change research are being advanced at Berry Lake where UW-Madison and Stevens Point researchers are using sediment cores, tree rings, pollen and lake levels to determine the effects of past climate change and predict what global warming may mean for Wisconsin.

In March the first of what will be a series of sediment cores going back to the Ice Age were extracted from the deepest part of the lake.  Lab analysis is currently underway. Preliminary results are expected by the time of our Annual Banquet.

NEW Audubon vice president, Brian Ewart, is working with the team of two professors and six undergraduate seniors after introducing them to Berry Lake through a series of presentations he gave at Stevens Point in January.

The research has gained the enthusiastic support of professionals working for the Menominee Tribe’s forestry division and is attracting media attention.

The professors will give presentations at the Berry Lake Ice-Out on Saturday, April 26 (see “Berry Lake Ice-Out Workshop and Cookout”).  Brian will be available at our Annual Banquet to answer questions and provide further information.

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